Laser Etched Rosette


The laser etched rosette helps showcase the natural beauty of the mahogany tops without distracting your eye from the stunning satin natural finish.


Rosewood Fretboard


Combining rosewood with custom dot inlays and traditional frets produces a striking fretboard that produces great tone.


mahogany ukulele fretboard.png
mahogany ukulele neck.png

Mahogany Neck


Mahogany has a warm, mellow tone with good presence in the lower mids. The mahogany/rosewood combination contributes to complex highs, thick and creamy lows, and an appealing midrange.

Strung with Aquila Super Nylgut Strings


Nylgut strings are quickly becoming the choice of ukulele players worldwide and we have received many positive comments. Some have said that their instruments have been transformed by Nylgut strings. Nylgut strings for ukuleles are highly polished to a smooth surface.


Sawtooth Mahogany Series Ukuleles