The unique sound and durability of hickory produces all the lows, mids and highs you could possibly desire. 

The dual 45 degree bearing edge delivers superior sustain and a wider tuning range to make this snare a MUST HAVE addiction to your kit.

Sawtooth Designed Snare Throw Off

  • Designed to hold in position for loose to tight strain settings

6 Ply Hickory Construction

  • Delivers a wider tuning range. Perfect EQ balance lows, mids and highs

Dual 45 Degree Bearing Edge

  • Delivers superior sustain and volume balance

3mm Die Cast Hoops with Solid Steel Lugs

  • Stronger, thicker, consistent hoop with less weak points

14" x 6.5" Hickory Snare Drum

  • 3.0mm Die Cast Chrome Steel Hoops

  • Die Cast Chrome Steel Lugs

  • 6-Ply Hickory Shell Construction

  • Dual 45 Degree Bearing Edge

  • Vinny Appice's Secret Weapon On Tour


Part Number: ST-HSD-14x6.5