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Instrument Warranty Registration


Fill out the form below to register your instrument for a one year warranty.


Registering Your Instrument

Sawtooth’s products are under warranty for one year to the original retail purchaser, with proof of purchase from an authorized Sawtooth dealer. The one year warranty begins on the date of purchase. To be eligible for and to validate warranty, the purchaser must register the product online using the Sawtooth Instrument Warranty Registration here.   



Warranty and Support

Sawtooth has established a network of independent Authorized Service Centers for warranty service. The Sawtooth dealer from whom you purchased your instrument may also be authorized for warranty service and should be the first point of contact when service of any kind is required for your Sawtooth instrument. All warranty work, service or replacement of parts occurring within the first year from original date of purchase must be approved by Sawtooth Musical Instruments. Defective components that qualify for coverage under this warranty will be repaired, replaced or a credit of the purchase value given through a Sawtooth reseller at Sawtooth's sole discretion .


To obtain a Return Authorization for a product under the applicable warranty coverage, visit and fill out the contact form on the “contact” page.  Once you have obtained a Return Authorization from Sawtooth, the defective instrument will need to be returned to the retail facility of purchase with the shipping costs prepaid by the purchaser and insured for the list price value of the instrument where it was purchased.  After your instrument is repaired, replaced, Sawtooth Musical Instruments will return your instrument back to you free of delivery charges. All return shipments must be to a domestic USA address. We do not ship returns out of the domestic USA.



• This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, or due to unauthorized modifications, repairs, or normal wear and  tear from regular use. 

• On all Sawtooth 12-String Acoustic Guitars, we recommend 9-46 light gauge strings. If 11-52 gauge strings or higher are used to restring the 12-String Guitars the warranty will be voided.


• Routine maintenance of any kind must be handled at the sole discretion and at the sole risk of the purchaser.


• Return Authorizations expire within 30 days of their issuance. Please ship your instrument to the repair center in a timely manner and prior to (1) the expiration of the Return Authorization and, if applicable, (2) the expiration of your one-year warranty coverage.*


• Under normal circumstances, repairs are completed within 2-4 weeks upon receipt. Should your instrument require additional time, you will be contacted by a certified Sawtooth Service Center advising you as to the time frame of repair.




*- Please remember, to be eligible for the one-year warranty beginning on the date of purchase, you must register your instrument via the Sawtooth Instrument Warranty Registration online form, and note the actual purchase date on the invoice.



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