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Sawtooth Shekere, Dark Stain

Sawtooth Shekere

Sawtooth Shekere

Sawtooth Shekere

Sawtooth Shekere


Traditionally constructed from dried gourd shells in West Africa. Shekeres are common in West African and Latin American folkloric traditions, and add dramatic flair and variety to live performances. Adjustable bead netting allows you to cutomize your sound! Sawtooth instruments offer impressive durability, tone and playability, get yours today!

Part Number: ST-SHEK

  • Handmade durable fiberglass shell

  • Adjustable Bead Netting

  • Designed to offer the traditional sound and feel of a gourd shekere

  • Durability and consistency of contemporary materials

  • Amazingly musical while being extremely player-friendly

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