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Sawtooth Cedar Wood String-Snare Cajon

Cedar Cajon 4.png

Proprietary Bass Port

The proprietary bass port enhances your low end frequencies, and adds more punch for an overall better playing experience

Adjustable Internal String Snare System

Adjustable (2 string diagonal) internal string snare system allows you to change the sound of the snare to fit your playing style!

Evenly spaced snare strings offer consistent response.


Unleash the passion inside you with Sawtooth's Cedar Wood String-Snare Cajon! The Cedar string-snare cajon was developed to accentuate the beauty and sound of cedar, and add another level of artistic expression to your performance. Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this wood Cajon. The left and right, 2 string diagonal (adjustable) internal string wire snare system provides a snare slap that's adjustable to your liking.

Part Number: ST-CSC-S

  • Cedar/Mohena Front Plate

  • Proprietary Bass Port enhances the low end frequencies, adding more punch

  • Left and Right, 2 string diagonal (adjustable) internal string wire snare system

  • Evenly spaced coiled snare system offer consistent snare response

  • Durable rubber base feet raise the cajon off of the floor/stage, protecting the cajon's shell

  • Dimensions: 19" x 11.75" x 11.75"

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